• Our technology

    We have received requests for surface processing from various industries.

  • Technical ability to respond to professionals

    Half of our customers are similar plating companies. We are committed to the pursuit of higher technology and knowledge in order to be a "plating company trusted by plating companies".

  • Department

    Three departments respond to various needs.

  • Human resource developmen

    Backup of National Qualific.We aim to develop world-class human resources. Technology does not stay in the company, it stays in people. It can be said that “Company's technology = employee's technology.” In order to transform human resources into “people”, DENTO Japan supports a wide range of activities, including senior instruction, training sessions, and acquisition of national qualifications.

  • Regional network

    We can solve various problems of everyone by making use of our network. At first please consult with us.

  • Environmental measures

    Environmental measures are the duty of companies that support the future. We have installed an automatic drainage system, and have built a system to detoxify drainage without human intervention. Furthermore, we have installed a monitoring device and are working around the clock, and we are aware of the future environment.


  • Barrel
    We cope with small articles, complex shapes and difficult-to-plate products. We inspect by hand of craftsman one by one.
  • Rack
    Large-sized products with a maximum length of 1800 mm and a weight of 200 kg can also be produced by automatic machines. By automation, we can provide plating processing with high quality.


Company name DENTO Japan Ind Co.,Ltd.
Address 1-25-8 Tasumikita, Ikuno-ku, Osaka City 544-0004
CEO Ryoichi Terauchi
PHONE +81 6 67 51 61 94
FAX +81 6 67 51 62 38
Founded in 1967
Establishment May 2003
E-MAIL toiawase@nihondento.co.jp
Business contents Surface treatment business complete set